Running & Multi-sport Shoes


Lead the movement

You name it, we have it! Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Top Tech, Primus and Duty Nine: these shoes were made for running! Feeling motivated for that morning jog? Start with a 5K and you may well keep running with the right pair of shoes! Pick up a pair of Top Tech or Primus; lightweight and with cloud-like cushioning, they will soften your step, allowing you to conserve your energy and get the most out of your run. More of a cross-trainer? Designed to keep you light on your feet and energized, our trendy multi-sport sneakers and court shoes will boost your confidence and push your performance to the max!

If you’re in the mood for a brisk walk, check out our selection of walking shoes. Pick up a pair of Sketchers for a quick loop around the block. Heading for the trail? Get a good grip and stay the course with our selection of trail running and hiking boots. Try a pair of North Face or Columbia and reach new heights with a comfortable and secure fit! To top it all off, we bring together an assortment of fashion-forward models, balancing style and comfort. Be an inspiration: lead the movement and hit the ground running. No excuses.