Back-to-school shoes: our essentials

Our tips for finding your back-to-school shoes

The big day is coming! It's the end of the summer holidays which gives way to the start of the school year and the return to work. At this time of year, which can be incredible, we offer you several tips to help you make the best choice of shoes for the whole family.

Enfant assis dans une cours d'école montrant leurs chaussures


Be well-shod for back to school

Each year, equipping your child for back to school can be quite a challenge. First of all, know that it is not necessary to take out the big wallet to have good pairs of quality shoes, especially since in a few months, their feet will evolve in the same way as their clothing tastes. 

Here are our essential tips for making your children happy, while respecting a budget that makes sense! 

Comfortable shoes for long school days

Comfort, comfort, comfort. We can never say it enough, it is better to bet on comfortable shoes than on those that are flashy and poorly adapted. From the first fitting, a good pair of shoes should feel good on your feet.  

Sneakers for physical education and recreation

While they will wear a more casual shoe in class, they will need a shoe that is well suited to their release sessions. Thus, you should favor your choice towards those which breathe, which support the foot and which protect well from different impacts.

Start thinking about winter boots!

At the start of the school year, the cold is slowly setting in and you will start thinking about winter boots. Yes, our Quebec winters, which stretch over several months, particularly require that we carefully equip our toddlers from head to toe so that they can make the most of the cold season. So, when you are in front of all the options of boots, choose them according to the activities practiced, the sweating of their feet and, very important, the right size, neither too big nor too tight. 

Will you have a return to the office?

Just like your kids, back to work is probably making a comeback this year in your life. After these two years spent working from home for many of you, this is an opportunity to update your wardrobe.

The opportunity to shop for shoes for the look

Swap your slippers for beautiful shoes that will give you "a nice little look" for back to school. How fun it is to be able to arrange these sets from head to toe. Take advantage of this moment to find shoes for the various occasions that are making a comeback: happy hours, evening outings, weekend activities, etc. 

Chic and comfortable high-heeled shoes

For some, it will be difficult to go back to high heels. We therefore offer shoes halfway between a chic look and comfort. Today, brands offer very stylish heeled shoes in which you will have no problem spending the day walking around. 

Booties for fall

The return of cool weather will arrive quickly and you will need small boots to insulate your feet from the cold. Fall booties are a great option for making a smooth transition during this change of season. In leather, suede, laces, there are plenty of options to create a beautiful look for you this year. 

Comfortable slippers for the TV season!

For those who will still be working from home, you will no doubt like to renew your slippers which have worn out faster than usual in recent years. Opt for comfort with stylish slippers!

Comfortable shoes for long days at work

Does your job require long standing hours? We can think of nurses, teachers or even those who work outside who will need good pairs of suitable and comfortable shoes for their work. In this case, it is necessary to favor shoes that offer good support, that breathe and that are adapted to the type of ground traveled. For example, consider whether you need non-slip soles or one-sided support for frequent changes of direction. Thus, you will avoid bad injuries. 


The return of indoor sports

With the arrival of cool weather, many sports will no longer be possible to practice outdoors. Do you have everything you need to exercise in the gyms for the next few months?

Sneakers for the return to the gym

First, to make the right choice of sports sneakers, you must assess your needs based on the activities you practice. Thus, you will not choose the same shoes if you use them mainly for running as if it is rather for bodybuilding that you wear them the most. Also, favor comfort instead of flashy color!


Take stock of your winter needs

Before embarking on the frantic race of back-to-school purchases, we recommend that you carefully assess your needs. Do not hesitate to clean out your wardrobes to avoid unnecessary purchases. By planning wisely for the whole family, the budget will be more optimized!

What condition are last year's shoes in?

Take care to assess whether your shoes still offer you all the protection and comfort necessary for the practice of your activities. And if your shoes are no longer to your liking, but still functional, why not resell them to finance your next pair of shoes? Do not hesitate to try them all and draw a line under what no longer works!

Back to school is expensive: Shop shoes on sale!

We won't hide it, back to school is a time of year that many families can fear because it is expensive. In addition to the shoes, there is also all the equipment and clothing to be procured. In this way, remember to watch the sales! Last season's shoes are still just as hot, but your wallet will thank you. 


Pop shoes: Big shoe brands for back to school

Now that you have our best advice for choosing the right shoes for back to school, here are our favorite brands for the comfort and look they provide.

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