Choosing the right spring boots for women

There are a host of models of women's spring boots. The ankle boot, of which we have seen an impressive variety of models emerge in recent years, and the rain boot, which offers versions that are sometimes standard, sometimes rather nice and "funky", and which can be worn even in a less recreational context. , are two examples. Next are mid-calf boots and tall boots, which are sometimes lightly lined and add elegance, style or a more classic look to an ensemble.

The boot: chic and practical in between

We (you!) absolutely need it. Skirt, pants, leggings, jeans: everything looks great on her. Psst! A little trick for pants that are too long worn with a boot: fold the front of your pants or jeans vertically, then roll them up twice. You will thus obtain an effect of size and lengthen your leg! That said, the chic or urban ankle boot can be worn with a more dressy outfit to relax it a bit or, conversely, with a more refined outfit to give it a little attitude.

Several waterproof models

The bootie is loved, nothing to add. On the other hand, in its waterproof version, this short boot has something to dream about almost all year round. With its flexible or more rigid sole, the waterproof ankle boot will satisfy those looking for a women's shoe without a heel (or with a slight heel) to brave the weather armed with a touch of madness.

Don't forget the liner for cold days!

If you plan to put on a pair of shoes that will withstand cold days, in fall and spring, don't hesitate and don't skimp on the lining! On cold days, your essentials will be comfortable and light and, who knows, you can even wear them on cool summer days or on outings with friends.

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Affordable and reliable spring boots for women

Small budgets or big desires, Pop Shoes always offers a host of quality models that will satisfy large families as well as fashion enthusiasts who want to fill their wardrobe with mid-season shoes.

Rain Boots: Jump in puddles in style!

The rain boot lives again, neither more nor less. You don't even need rain to put it on! The lace-up women's rain boot gives a sporty (almost sneaker-like!) look to any ensemble without compromising on style. The rain boots with elastic inserts on the sides offer an extra dose of comfort, in addition to playing with color contrasts.

Children's rain boots: a host of colorful models!

Spring or fall, when it's time to take out the children's rain boots, the frenzy is felt. All children love them, even in their most traditional form, even a little boring. Never mind! There are now lace-up, colourful, floral, ankle-length or full-length styles. Take your kids shopping and make them choose this accessory synonymous with hours of fun.

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The rubber boot: a classic that can be reinvented

Formerly devoted to hunting or fishing activities, the rubber boot, in addition to providing fabulous waterproofing, dazzles. In its pale, dark, matte or glossy colours, it surprisingly brightens up even our most classic outfits, combining its astonishing elegance with several materials, from skirts with thigh-high boots to velvet. The rubber boot, in its more chic version, can even replace a pair of casual shoes.

In short, we like them waterproof, light, functional and elegant!

Choose the right size

In terms of the foot and calf, here are some tips for choosing the right size for your spring boots and booties:

  • You have to be able to wiggle your toes well; toes that are too cramped will often be cold;
  • Your heel should come out without forcing, but if your boot clicks or comes out of the foot when you walk, it is too big;
  • Remember to leave enough room for your foot to put on a second pair of stockings, without being too tight once again. In cold or rainy weather, your rain or rubber boot will be more than appreciated;
  • If your rubber boot is rigid, make sure you are comfortable when walking;
  • Try your rain boot with pants, ideally these should fit in;
  • If you have a stronger calf, opt for a short model or with elastic!

Caring for your spring boots

This way for other Pop Shoes tips to properly maintain your rain boots or those of your family:

  • Rub the muddy exterior with a cloth or sponge and soapy water;
  • The drying of the rain boots is simply done in the open air, avoiding that the synthetic or rubber material is exposed to the sun or heat;
  • We avoid bending the boots, especially high or high rain boots.

Choosing the right spring boots

Even though they were well chosen and served us well during the winter, we can't wait to put away our winter boots for lighter shoes in the spring. However, we must not skip the steps and, before we can put on our favorite shoes, we will have to get spring boots that will make a nice transition between the cold weather, the wet days of spring and the good weather that will show up. of the nose.

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