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chaussures-motifs-femmesIt's the return of spring and soon the hot season is coming! For the Pop Shoes team, the days that are getting longer, the return of spring temperatures and sunny days allow us to put aside our warm boots and finally, present you the new fashion trends with spring colors for the beautiful season ahead. In addition, we will offer you more-than-perfect clothing-shoe combinations to avoid mishaps. Who says better? Follow the leader. 

A text from the Pop Shoes team


This spring at Pop Shoes we are adapting our essentials, our “musts”, with a new label. What are we talking about here? A classic type shoe with a slight twist, either the addition of a colorful touch or a new pattern. The possibilities are endless for trends for the new season. That said, it's time to present our new arrivals and above all, advice on how to match them to your wardrobe. Speaking of arrangements, have you read our last article on how to arrange shoes in your wardrobe? It's this way. 

Adopt flowery laces

A great novelty this season in Pop Shoes stores is our trio of shoes in yellow, green or blue with a matching floral lace. What prettier way to add a touch of spring? We doubt it! With its classic espadrille shape, its fashionable look will surprise you all the more with its comfort and the ease of pairing it with what you have in your wardrobe (the traditional blue jeans, the white sweater, a skirt or plain shorts or the little summer dress!). Do not hesitate to take out clothes in bright colors to pair with the yellow model: you will be amazed!



The shoe that dares the pattern 

Another key item of the season this season is the easy-to-put-on Dorycnium and Browallia shoe from the Alberto brand which has the Ultimate Comfort technology, which will make us feel like we are floating on a cloud! As beautiful as it is light and comfortable, it is available in different colors and either in laced or “slip on” mode. It will add a discreet charm to all your clothing compositions. This season, we also added a small pattern to push the trend further. The same motif also returns to a style that we think is tired but which is in fact a shoe with an elastic slip on to put the shoe on easily! There are two models: one of the “slip on” type with a false lace and the other, with a heel and a tan colored yoke.  




Shoes with a wedge heel 

Always practical for the arrival of spring, the shoe with a slight height in the sole must be part of your wardrobe. Especially for those who much prefer high heels but don't like to sacrifice comfort. It will allow you to compose an interesting look for the summer season, with jeans for example, and to stay in comfort and relaxed style. Dare there too in dressier mode, that is to say with a short or mid-length dress, with or without a pattern and in complementary colors in pale or darker tones. Whether this shoe is neutral or accompanied by a pattern, you won't be able to do without it thanks to the comfort of the sole with an elevation! In addition, why not take the opportunity to find the handbag that will accompany this one, as we can see in the photo. It is always interesting to have this accessory that completes the outfit. Prefer a pattern that goes well with the look or a complementary color. It's a simple marriage, but oh so effective! 



Canvas shoes: a model that never goes out of fashion

Another strong trend this summer in our stores? Canvas shoes. This is a classic in our wardrobe that doesn't go out of style and won't go out of style anytime soon either. Low or ankle high, they are a summer essential. This season we see several styles, but our favorite on the team is the ankle-high canvas style. Admit that the look on our model is to die for! Don't miss it and follow the parade too.  



Savor the summer, jazz up the colors!

This is what makes up, in part, the key spring trends at Pop Shoes. Do not hesitate to come and see all our offers in store and let an advisor provide you with a personalized shopping experience. 

See you soon for new fashion tips or essential style proposals to get. 

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