The styles of sandals for your activities this summer

Sandales pour femmes

Choosing your new sandals is often a story of the heart. We fall for a model. We imagine our summer look with it. A nice pair of shoes is THE final touch to an outfit. Sometimes it is even the central element.

A story of the heart, but a choice that must be made with reason. Your future sandals will accompany you in your daily life and comfort is essential. Find our best advice to help you choose your new summer hit.

Different types for different activities

Each activity has its sandal.

For a day at the beach or a walk in town, the flip model is very popular. They are light and easy to put on. Leather is the winning combo since they combine practicality and solidity.

Are you a hiking enthusiast? Choose a pair of shoes with straps for optimal foot hold. Be careful, the sole is also important. (see our tips below)

Water and extreme sports enthusiasts, turn to a closed-toe sandal to protect your toes.

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How to choose the right sandals

Finding the right shoe for you will be easy if you follow these few tips. Pay attention to the quality of the sole: is it flexible, rigid? How will you use your sandals? Finally, take into account the morphology of your foot.

Sole quality

Soft or stiff. That is the question.

A flexible sole will have the advantage of absorbing shocks and will be light. It also leaves more freedom of movement. It is therefore perfect for the city or hiking on easy trails.

A rigid sole allows for better stability of the foot and better comfort for the arch of the foot. More resistant and durable, it will accompany you on the steepest paths.

The texture and material of the sole also matters. Made of leather, it provides good thermal insulation and better breathing. However, its smooth texture is more slippery. Especially when it's new.

A more textured sole, in rubber, PVC or polyurethane, for example, will have a better grip on the ground.

Foot dimensions

We often mistakenly think that only the size of the shoe counts. And yet, the shape of it can change everything. It is up to the shoe to adapt to your foot and not the other way around. Cinderella understood it well ;).

Here are 4 things to consider:

  • Curvature : the sandal must marry the arch of the foot.
  • Length : for open shoes, the toes must not protrude from them. If they are closed, the longest toe should not touch their end.
  • Lenght : the sandal should be the same width as the foot. A pair that is too narrow or conversely too wide is very uncomfortable and causes pain.
  • straps : adjustable straps are the best option to adapt it to the ankle and have good support.

The type of use

The best choice will be in line with your needs and the intended use of your new pair of sandals. What are you planning to do this summer? If you are more into town, the ideal sandal will not be the same as if you are a fan of hiking.

Looks and style

Luckily, designers are thinking more and more about creating hybrid models. Going from city mode to countryside has never been easier.

Our sandals suggestions for this summer

Nude shades are back. They will take pride of place in your wardrobe. Perfect with a casual look, they also go well with a more chic outfit.

But, without further ado, let's get to the team's favorite selection:

Stylish sandals for outings in town

A very fine model that will go just as well with a long boho chic dress as with a refined jumpsuit.

Sandale Orchis This is THE heeled shoe to have in your wardrobe. It has a little retro side which gives it a crazy charm. This pattern goes with everything. But we advise you to try it with wide pants.

Sandale femme Syrapha

Hiking sandals

Hike in style with the Paola sandal. In black version or with a touch of color, we leave you the choice.

Sandale de randonnée Paola

The Rose model is perfect for extreme hikes. Its grooved outsole gives you excellent grip on the ground. The insole guarantees excellent comfort.

Sandale de randonnée pour femme modèle Rose

Lightweight sandals for the beach and outdoors

Practical and elegant, the Vienna model will charm you. In yellow version, it will give some pep to all your outfits. We love it.

Sandale pour femme modèle Vienna

Right on trend, here is the Esther sandal. It's a safe bet that goes wonderfully with all styles of clothing.

Sandales pour femme Esther


The best sandals for children

For growing little feet, good support is essential. Avoid injuries by following these few recommendations.

A good sandal should have:

  • A strap at the ankle and at least one other at the front of the foot
  • A non-slip sole
  • Reinforcement at the heel

Tip: for smaller children, prefer a closed-toe shoe.


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