Leucan X Pop Shoes: $42,000 awarded

Côté-Reco and its Pop Shoes banner present a check for $42,000 to Leucan, with the support of Skechers.

Following the launch of the campaign: Taking a step further, together, for children with cancer and their families, Pop Shoes and Skechers have joined forces, between the September 7 and October 3, and collected donations to support Leucan in its mission with families diagnosed with childhood cancer.

Generous customers

As part of this campaign, $1 was given to Leucan for each Skechers brand product sold in one of the 80 Pop Shoes stores in Quebec. Pop Shoes also appealed to the generosity of its customers by promoting the Cocci-Dons initiative in all its stores. During their checkout, customers were therefore invited to add a donation to their bill by purchasing one of the “Cocci-Dons” cardboard ladybugs. All the ladybugs sold were then displayed in stores, in order to show the generosity of the population.

The Skechers brand gave Leucan $ 1 per shoe sold. 

A shaved head as a symbol of support

It was in mid-October that Coté-Reco, owner of the Pop Shoes banner, handed over a check for $42,000, the total amount raised as part of the campaign: Taking a step further, together, for children with cancer and their families. In addition to franchisees, store employees, customers and its partner Skechers, the members of the head office had also had the strong desire to mobilize in order to contribute to the cause of children with cancer.

A dinner was organized at the company's head office, located in Deschaillons-sur-le-lac. 

Take a step further

It is in this spirit that a Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, presented by ProximMD was organized as a check presentation ceremony. Manon Rivard, Communications Director and Marketing Assistant, proudly followed suit and decided to put a price on her hair to collect donations for the cause, but also with the aim of making a symbolic gesture of support on behalf of all members of the Côté-Reco family: "It was essential for me to also take a step further to add my voice to the cause of children with cancer and their families. So I decided to take up the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge and launch my campaign at the same time. It was such an enriching human experience for me! ». The event took place on October 14 in Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent (head office of Côté-Reco), in compliance with the sanitary measures in place.

Manon Rivard agreed to put a bounty on her head and raised over $2,000.  

family values

Pop Shoes is part of the Côté-Reco banners, a franchisor, banner management expert and footwear and clothing distributor. The group stands out for its family values, stemming from the history of the company. It was founded in 1920 by the grandfather of the three Côté brothers, Michel, André and Pierre, who are now the heart of the family business. The approach of Pop Shoes is also colored by these same values, the family being its target clientele. It was therefore natural for the company to partner with Leucan in order to take care of families going through a difficult chapter in their lives.

One of the three Côté brothers, André, said a few words before the check was given.

About Leucan

Leucan has been committed for more than 40 years to supporting children with cancer and their families. In addition to supporting clinical research, the Association offers its member families distinctive and adapted services: accompaniment and emotional support, financial assistance, referral service, massage therapy, animation in the games room in hospitals, socio-recreational activities, awareness and accompaniment in schools, end of life and bereavement follow-up as well as the Leucan Information Centre.

Jacques Tremblay, Director, Major Gifts & Partnerships at Leucan for Northern Quebec and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.  

About Pop Shoes

Pop Shoes was born in 1985. At that time, Côté-Reco inc. has developed a group of independent merchants with the aim of obtaining a remarkable sales force while creating a common image in the footwear sector. There are the biggest brands such as Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Clarks, Baffin and a whole range of private brands that are trendy, comfortable and sporty. Pop Shoes is considered the largest association of proprietary shoe retailers in Canada. No fewer than 82 stores are spread across the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

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