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Our values

Passion: Passion is what pushes us to offer the best of ourselves. Whether in terms of product or service, we are committed to striving for excellence, both in terms of efficiency and quality. Many merchants surround themselves with family members to team up with the store. For example, a spouse who welcomes us during a visit. In summary, behind a Chaussures Pop team, it is often a close-knit family story.

Honesty: Honesty is contagious, it allows us to develop lasting and authentic relationships with our customers, our partners and our employees. We are therefore committed to selling only shoes that correspond to your needs and which will be a guarantee of quality. The Chaussures Pop network is also recognized as having employers of choice, favoring a healthy balance between work, study or personal life.

Commitment: In recent years, we have chosen as a network to get involved in causes that help sick children and their families such as Leucan or Opération Enfant Soleil and then at the level of academic success with support to the Maman Dion Foundation. In addition to these commitments, each merchant is closely involved in their community. It is not uncommon to see shoe donations made for children in need or generous contributions to local organizations that support families.

Our mission

To offer you a personalized shopping experience by offering a large selection of trendy, quality and competitively priced shoes, boots, sandals and accessories so that the whole family can meet their needs, while encouraging local purchases.

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