How to choose your next winter boots

Comment choisir ses bottes d'hiver

Choosing the perfect winter boots is not always easy, especially since this activity announces the coming of the cold season; haunted by some, but preferred by many! We bet that the extraordinary variety of winter boots available at Pop Shoes will make you lean on this side and love it.

Boots adapted to the intended purpose

First, to choose the right winter boots, we must determine the nature of our activities. Will our boots be used for outdoor family outings? Will we need to walk for a long time, will we be constantly on the move? On the other hand, will the chosen winter boots have to keep the feet warm even if you move little? The choice of the model of boots for both children and adults will first be made according to this type of question.

Robust winter footwear for outdoor activities

Although a boot offering absolute comfort is always welcome, the sole and the composition will guarantee the robustness of the chosen model. Putting on shoes for winter and keeping your feet warm will therefore benefit from a waterproof sole with just enough grip.

Stylish boots for the city and work

While outdoor activities and sports alone or with the family require warm and comfortable winter boots, a casual boot for everyday wear on the go will have to be chosen differently. A stylish winter boot for town and work will first need to be treated with a waterproof coating. Indeed, the famous slush and the frequent interior / exterior transition can lead to an unpleasant feeling of wet feet. In such a case, leather boots often provide unparalleled comfort and let your feet breathe. Several colors of winter boots and booties are available to you and some brands even offer almost identical models for adults and children!

Bottes d'hiver pour la ville

Pop shoes: no compromise between comfort and style

Beautiful winter boots that offer quality and comfort, that's what everyone is looking for! If your pair of boots also provides protection for your feet and unparalleled style, our mission is accomplished. From shoes for women, men and children to boots for everyone, Pop Shoes wants to be part of your best moments, from your hikes in the forest to your furious snowball fights! In store, in addition to enjoying the welcome and the smile of our teams, you will be guided in a personalized way. The main advantage of coming to the store is always to obtain the best advice so that you can purchase products that fully meet your shoe and boot needs, whatever the season.

Important features of your next winter boots

During your visit to the store or your online shopping, you must therefore monitor:

  • The type of sole, rubber, cleats and others, adapted to your activities;
  • The addition of an insole for more comfort and warmth;
  • Height for snow protection and ankle stability;
  • The right fabric care products to provide maximum waterproofness and durability;
  • The size: we aim (classic trick!) a space of a finger behind the heel or 1 cm from the longest toe to the end of the boot.

Resistance to cold

Some winter boots are designed specifically for extreme winter conditions. If you plan to ice fish or practice an activity in very cold weather, it is sometimes better to choose a size above your usual size. You will be able to practice multi-layering, which consists of superimposing two pairs of stockings. Adding a thermal insole can also help keep your feet, or the children's feet, warmer.

Here are 5 quick tips to keep your feet warm and comfortable

  • Choose the right stockings: the wool sock is ideal. While cotton creates frozen toes faster, wool is warmer and reduces moisture. If you're going to be walking on wet ground, be sure to carry an extra pair of socks;
  • Check the condition of the winter boots: a small hole or tear can let in water and the cold and cause your feet to freeze;
  • Add an insole: in addition to reducing possible “little feet” odors, adding an insole will increase comfort and repel the cold;
  • Dry your shoes: between each activity, be sure to dry your winter boots thoroughly. A simple trick that makes all the difference in the humidity of the feet;
  • Don't wait to be frozen: when your feet or your family's feet start to freeze, MOVE, jump, walk! Blood circulation is the great friend of the extremities.

Breathability and waterproofing

For shoveling, or for hiking with the family, waterproof boots that let your feet breathe will help you make the most of the cold season. Several types of breathable membranes keep water out. Depending on the duration of your activities, your dealers will be able to advise you on which winter boot to choose.

Ground grip

The rubber sole is the number one ally for a better grip on the ground of your winter boot. For outings during icy weather or to walk your dog with too much energy, for example, it is possible to opt for a sole with studs, thus ensuring better traction.

Bottes hivernales en nature

The best winter boot brands to consider

Among the quality brands selected by the attentive Pop Shoes team, you will find: albert, West Way, Manathan, Blue Rocky, Columbia, Duty Nine, Chlorophyll, Sports chief and Baffin! So many brands for so many feet to wear this winter!

Caring for your winter boots

Finally, beyond choosing the right pair of winter boots for you and the whole family, opt for a little drying routine after your winter activities and sports, wearing good socks and applying a coating adequate raincoat. Again, do not hesitate; our in-store team is there to help you, at all stages of your choices and purchases.

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