Which shoes to choose this spring?

The spring of 2022 will be that of color

Color is in the spotlight in this beautiful season of renewal and softness to come. Heels, flats, platforms, almost entirely or half open shoes; all shoe styles are colorful! A touch of floral to a pure cream, from a pink to a deep red: dare!

And for those who already have a colorful wardrobe, warm browns or more subdued blues will complement your favorite ensembles well.

Variation of colors

Fashion is also on the decline this year, to the great misfortune of the undecided, but to the delight of shoe addicts!

The same model in several colors is the perfect option to satisfy all profiles!

Those who like sober tones will find shoes to suit them with the colors black, white or cream, while those who prefer to dare and wear colors will be delighted by the rest of the palette offered.


As usual, patterns are always in style for spring and perfectly brighten up sober outfits.

To try the patterns without going too far out of your comfort zone, the Alicante model is the ideal choice. In pale pink printed leather, it brings softness to your outfit and embodies a very beautiful finish.


In the same style, but more open, succumb to Lilybet sandals for sunny days! In leather with a slight wedge heel, they will bring finesse and allure to your style.


Daring to use colors is not to everyone's taste, which is why Pop Shoes also offers you rather sober models, such as the Hydrangea model. These wedge heel pumps in synthetic leather and microfiber are the perfect combination of elegance and comfort.


And if we played it really relaxed in the spring? This is what the Aregonde pair allows: open and comfortable. These synthetic mules with small wedge heel and flowery patterns will be your best friends for the beautiful days of relaxation!


To dare the color without too much extravagance, the Vanni model is the option you need. Put on these lace-up shoes with a few spring motifs to enjoy sunny days in style.


If you're more of a laid-back type, the Flordoamor model will be your spring companion!

Discreet and comfortable, these flat-heeled ballet flats will delicately accessorize your outfit with their light colored details.


For a truly spring style, how can we forget our beautiful collection of patterned handbags?

Fall for the Jasmynn, Medusa or Dianova models, which will perfect your styles! To be worn on the shoulder or across the body, they add a touch of color and extravagance with their floral patterns.

Sacs à main printaniers

https://www.chaussurespop.com/collections/nouveautes/products/medusa https://www.chaussurespop.com/collections/nouveautes/products/dianova https://www.chaussurespop.com/collections/nouveautes/products/jasmynn

Dressy casual, why not!

As spring symbolizes rebirth and dynamism, what better way than to inaugurate it with a pair of shoes combining extravagance and elegance? Redefine your look with our chic running shoes and dare to be original!

For sobriety and softness, the Oleander, Capuchina and Dalhiana models are the ideal pairs for sunny days!




To combine lightness and color, we will opt for the Violeta models, flexible and comfortable.



To have even more allure, dare the heels with the Azaleas model, pink shoes with wedge heels that will give chic and dynamism to your outfit.

Chaussures Azaleas


Soulier de printemps Papoila


In order not to step out of your comfort zone too much, black is always a good solution. In the spring, go out in style with pairs that will perfect all your outfits.

Choose the Papoila, black leather wedge heels or the Amapola, soft and comfortable shoes.

Chaussures de printemps Amapola


Light and relaxed models

Free your feet with comfortable, casual and airy shoes. After two years of confinement, opt for pairs that bring softness and lightness to your style and take full advantage of this beautiful season that is spring!

A spring 2022 uninhibited in every way!

Colours, originality and details are welcome to celebrate the arrival of sunny days! Discover all our models of heels, sandals, sneakers, ballet flats, loafers and espadrilles, and find the perfect shoe for you!

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